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Queen of Shadows

Title: Queen of Shadows (Now Completed)
Word Count: 5,403  
Characters: Merlin and Morgana set on the events of the final episode in season 4 where Aithusa saves Morgana.

Pairings: Hints to dark ~ Merlin/Morgana... Slight Arthur/Gwen.
Warnings/Spoilers: A bit of a darker fic. Spoilers for Season 3-4.
Summary: Because If he was meant to be her downfall, life sure had a foolish way of making her his greatest weakness.

He stares at her hard. The more his frown deepens, the more dazzling her smile becomes.

Ever the manipulator.

He looks down at her fingers, slipping through the fabric of his scarf.

Ever the temptress.

The story is linked to fanfiction.net so by clicking the link you will be redirected there! Reviews/Comments are welcome!


Enjoy! <3
Tags: aithusa, camelot, dark, emrys, hatred, lefay, loss, love, lust, merlin, morgana, one-shot, pendragon, redemption, season 4
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